Good Things/Small Packages

Sweet things in cute packaging is all it takes to show a bit of holiday or seasonal appreciation and love, even last minute to New Year's. A few simple DIYs...

Slip baggies of treats (like homemade fudge) into burlap or muslin bags and adorn with a little message (plus to and from) jotted on chalkboard labels or hanging tags (for less slippage possibility) using this marker

Materials are one trip to Paper Source. Of course, any similar bag and tag that you can round up will work, too.

Jars with pretty cards are always a perfect option. Easiest-peasiest card how-to hereFill 'em up with chocolates, candy, mini cookies, granola, hot chocolate powder topped with mini marshmallows, or any other delectable treat, homemade or whatever you can handle.

For a non-edible sweet package (great hostess gift, too), my fave this year has been Paperwhite Narcissus bulbs (just one or a grouping) in pretty holders and unexpected containers.

You'll be giving this glory...

... and the holders will hold ever after. My supplies this round came from here.

Happy simple gifting!

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