Controlled Chaos -- Taking A Certain Word Out Of Your Vocabulary

So... it was in this batch of reads that one book in particular, Living In The Light by Shakti Gawainnot only taught me how to tap into my intuition (the most powerful thing I've done since I had that book in my hands), but also introduced me to a singular notion in particular that would alter my decision making from that point on. Truly, just one little line -- 


Of course, we all get deluged with certain obligations or things in the category of shoulds that would feel incredibly hard to say no to, but it is actually possible to get to a place of wanting to do them instead if it's a true, self-driven, right decision. Saying yes to people or things or ideas that aren't right, she argues, does not benefit you or even, in the end, the people you might be trying to appease. In fact, it may even be the opposite, that something positive might come out of it for you or another person when you don't should.

So either get to a place where you feel like you are choosing what's at hand, or consider bowing out. Choice carries a whole different energy and outlook than feeling like you have no say. And that goes for outside pressures as well as all the shoulds you impose on yourself. 

People who know me probably have never even noticed but I rarely use the word should in my vocabulary. Instead, it's could and might, and that goes whether I'm battling my own decisions or helping others hash things out. 

No shoulds.

And, on that note, I could/might/ought end this post.

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