A Note

I dropped my kids off at school this morning, and like every other parent today, I did it with anguish. My bones continue to ache for all of those who did not get to pick up their children from school on Friday. There are simply no words to define that kind of inconceivable sorrow. I cannot try. 

So I will only say... that my heart stays with this, and with all the families who lost their loved ones, big and small.

And to the teachers -- I feel such awe and gratefulness. The way they took care of their students, one losing her life while trying to shield her class, and others ushering their kids to safer places and then filling what they knew might be their last moments... with love. They read them stories and used their voices to comfort them, one saying she "wanted that to the be the last thing they heard, not the gunfire in the hall."

Again, there are no words.

photo: bill eppridge via modern hepburn

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