Turning The Tables On Brunch


When I threw a brunch for a wedding shower recently, I wanted to come up with something pretty... yet unexpected... yet entirely breezy. What I decided to do -- finger foods only... strewn all over the table. Literally, directly on the table. No serving platters. No serving utensils. Just a colorful melange of food to easily grab and throw onto a plate. 

Wrapping Things Up

It seems every year I get closer and closer to easy street, which is quite fulfilling amidst the chaos that is the holidays

Thanksgiving -- Simple Is The New Complicated

Getting in the mood for Thanksgiving and keeping things simple, as usual. As a creature of habit and tradition on this one, the word simplicity rises to a whole other level. I remain a don't fix it if it 'aint broke fangirl.

In The Kitchen -- Just Olive Oil + Salt

I've been keeping things pretty lax in the kitchen lately. The solar vortex in California this year might have a little something to do with it. 

'Aint No Cure For The Summertime Blues...

Sun time, swim time, beach time, mini-travels time (Ojai, Palm Desert, La Jolla, Tomales Bay, Petaluma, San Francisco), and a perfect chunk of doing-nothing time.

Little Things -- Backyard Chicken Envy

Lately, it seems I'm as likely to encounter a chicken in a friend's backyard as I am to find a dog on their couch. And I'm feeling a little envious.

New York, New York

At the beginning of the year, we had a unique opportunity to grab a NYC trip with the kiddos. Getting out there had been in the queue for a long while, so when fully-furnished, top floor digs overlooking Central Park landed in our lap, the deal was sealed. We quickly traded mid-eighty degree So Cal weather (in January!) for mid-twenties. And we couldn't have been happier...

Musing -- The Shelf Life Of Books

Recently, we were looking to clear out some extra space in our house. One of the endeavors was tackling the bookcase and weeding out what could go into storage and what could go -- away away.

Valentine's Day Repost // Once Upon-A... Nothing

I’m not a big consumer. The list of things I want at any given time is usually pretty small. Very specific -- absolutely. But not grand. And not many. I simply don’t like a lot of stuff.

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, fresh start, resolution conquering, goal achieving, risk taking, self-realizing, new year. Or else, a happy, healthy, relaxed, no big changes, accepting, zen, go-with-the-flow, self-realized enough for now, new year. Whichever your current inclination might be! Mine is somewhere between the two --  though I'm ready to shake things up a little and seize new endeavors this year. Welcome, new year.

{And... Why New Year's Eve Is My Favorite Holiday}

Cheers... xo

'Tis The Season...

I really love the month of December. In the simplest of ways. The colder temps. Twinkling lights everywhere. The yum foods. Time off with family and friends. Fires going in the fireplace. Casual gatherings. Favorite traditions. Maybe a getaway of some sort. Seeing the pics on holiday cards. The overall feeling of festivity in the air. Love all of it. It is divine. 

The rest makes me nuts. Every. Single. Year.