Out+About Outta Town -- Earthbound Farm Stand in Carmel Valley

I know... pumpkins are so last month. But I visited this patch when they were still in and it's too sweet of a find not to share.

Also, this farm stand is open year round, morphing along with the seasons, so you can go anytime and find other things like gardens (kids' + herb), meditation labyrinth, a pick+eat raspberry patch, and various events, depending on when you're there. Another big virtue -- its market+cafe. But first, a quick peek at what we saw at their pumpkin patch.

I've been to quite a few of these over the years (they're in the manual under kids + field trips) and this one was just particularly charming. There were more colors and varieties than I think I've ever seen, and with such a cute layout. 

what came home with us

And then there's the quaint market/cafe...

You can pick up fresh produce and other goodies to take home, and also grab snacks or lunch from the walk-up organic cafe that's serving up salads, sandwiches, fresh soups, and ice cream, including an incredible Eugene's Bliss one made from coconut milk. 

And you can get -- coffee! Usually so desperately missing from these types of outings.

An outdoor pavilion is set up for eating, and also has activities, music, and fresh kettle corn. 

Then you can stroll either a big corn field maze (in Fall) or the lush flower orchard before heading out.

Carmel Valley is in the Monterey/Carmel/Big Sur areas and makes for a great stop on a road trip!

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