Dressing Room -- Turning Things Around

Sometimes, I’ll come across a top at a boutique that I really like -- the color is mine, and it’s got the perfect trim, and the material is lovely, and I really want to get it… but there’s just something not right about it. Usually, what I find to be the problem is, in my mind, it’s just not facing the right way.No disrespect to the designer (sorry!) but I feel like they got that part wrong. So I’ll simply flip it around and try it on backwards instead. Voila – it’s the top I hoped it would be. Then I take it home and cut the tag out so it doesn’t scratch my neck.  

Here are a top and dress that I most recently did this with (goodness, get the girl an iron!): 

A little top from Barney's Co-Op 

this is how the top is supposed to be...

... and this is how i wear it, with the back in the front. i like the higher neck line + the lace...

... and i think the front looks sweet in the back.

And a James Perse dress:

i've already reversed it so the back is now the front...

... and the would-be front is in the back.
(obviously, to wear it as intended, you'd also need something underneath!)

Cool trick, no?

BTW this can also work with sweaters. Turn it around and wear the buttons in the back. (So simple, even a five year old can do it.)

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