Little Things -- Flower + Vase

Is there any nicer accent to a room... a table... a home -- than a flower?

Almost nothing I can think of holds a candle to it (except at night, when a candle truly does hold a candle to it).

For me, the simpler, the better. I love little flowers in little vases. Uber minimal. 

Sometimes, all it takes is one...

If I do choose to go with a bigger bouquet, I usually opt for a grouping of a singular color or type to retain simplicity (not to mention ease for this non-professional). 

And while I can be more daring in other departments, I find myself eternally drawn to classically feminine and sweet when it comes to things floral -- tea roses, ranunculus, daisies...  

The fleur -- such a pure form of accessible beauty.

photos: from various times in my home


Toni Shiffman said...

I'm glad you got the link corrected because I enjoyed the essay.

The-Pastry said...

thanks, toni!! :)