Daytime Dating aka Couples Who Lunch

I've always been more of a day person than night (with the exception of my years living in NYC where I was a round-the-clock person). Longtime favorite daytime indulgence -- stealing an afternoon movie. 

When kids entered the picture, nighttime adventures took on another level of daunting for me. It's simply not that easy to gear up for an evening out when you're... chronically exhausted? And, of course, there's the whole sitter conundrum/expense. 

So lately, I've made a return to my 'I love the daylife' roots and have embarked on a bit of a couples-who-lunch roll. While the kids are at school, my husband and I have been giving ourselves time outs and meeting up for lunch. Other countries have long embraced the art of dropping everything midday to savor life and good food, and it's feeling pretty brilliant to me at this point. Plus, there are no sitters required and I never have to make that end of day choice between motivating to go out or collapsing on the couch in my sweats. 

Daytime dating is fab... especially when you don't have the pulse of a big city keeping you wired for the nightlife. 

there is a table for two somewhere just waiting


sometimes fresh air and a quick food grab does the trick 

when we really play hooky, this occasionally happens

even our anniversary this year was lunch out instead of dinner


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