Turning The Tables On Brunch


When I threw a brunch for a wedding shower recently, I wanted to come up with something pretty... yet unexpected... yet entirely breezy. What I decided to do -- finger foods only... strewn all over the table. Literally, directly on the table. No serving platters. No serving utensils. Just a colorful melange of food to easily grab and throw onto a plate. 

Butcher block paper made for a classic table topper, and I added a plastic liner underneath to protect the wood surface from anything non-dry. 

The whimsical mish-mosh -- quiche bites, figs, hard boiled eggs, croissants, prosciutto, tomatoes with basil, grapes, marcona almonds, cheesecake bites, strawberries, salami, cookies, baguettes, challah bread, donut pieces, you get the idea.

Really, just lay that salami right down on the table.

I landed the cheese assortment on a narrow platter just to ensure the butcher paper remained uninjured. 

Best part -- the clean up. The disposable mess rolls into a ball and gets tossed out. Easiest after-party on the planet.

Welcome to a new way to brunch. Not sure I'll ever serve it any other way! Hmm, lunches and cocktail parties, too...


Emily Nagel said...

Absolutely brilliant! Definitely trying this out!

The-Pastry said...

Oh, so glad!! :)

Anonymous said...
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