Dressing Room -- Ballet Inspiration

I am nuts about ballet. So utterly taken with it. More than the polished and elaborately costumed stage productions, it's everything behind the scenes that has me gaga.

The rigors at the barre with live piano player... the stark loft-like spaces with wood floors... the gritty, grueling rehearsals with all the combinations dotted in French... And the wear. Oh, the dance wear.

In fashion speak, what all of that translates to for me is that I would gladly occupy a planet called Capezio where I could live freely in its wardrobe every day without being a spectacle. Old comfy leotards, shredded tights + leg warmers, little wrap skirts + jumpers, and thoroughly worn-in ballet slippers. 

Since I'm not a ballerina, just a mortal in the regular world who fumbles through classes here and there, I revel instead in bits of ballet inspired street wear. Leotard-like tops + body suits, real ballet wrap sweaters from the local dance store, overgrown knee socks, flowy feminine tops, lots of black and grays and pale pinks... and, of course, nothing beats a good messy bun. 

via hannaskoog
nutcracker fitting/rachel papo
source unknown

top photo: stacey mark/ballet beautiful


Unknown said...

this is my favorite! I want to cut and paste all of this and stick it on my wall!

The-Pastry said...

hey, i like it -- wallpaper!

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