New Year's Eve

I like New Year's. As far as holidays go, it might be my favorite. And this is why -- it's not complicated. Or, more precisely, it's as complicated or not complicated as you want it to be.

I've spent New Year's Eve flocking to other cities and at hot ticket 'It' parties. And I've spent New Year's Eve sitting on my couch, aborting the mission by nine, telling myself that I'm celebrating in a different time zone.

One of my most memorable New Year's Eve's -- My husband and I were dating, and, on a whim, booked a hotel online and headed to Desert Hot Springs. We hit the warm mineral pools during the day, then settled into our hotel room and balcony with a bottle of champagne that night. Just before midnight, we decided to go see if there was anything happening downstairs, and soon found ourselves at a full fare private party in a ballroom. Chiming in on the countdown, we were whisked into the mob on the dance floor and flanked at midnight with the toasts and hugs of the happily lubricated party goers. No one ever did notice that we weren't part of the party. Or that we were in our -- pajamas!

I like that New Year's requires no manic retail shopping... elicits no guilt-inducing expectations... and, on this calendar, carries no religious differentiation or political correctness. 

The New Year's recipe is simple:  SOMETHING BUBBLY + A KISS

Yep, best holiday ever.

(Of course, a little of this...
... sure doesn't hurt!)


photos: sparkler/tobias purderer; sequin skirt/wai lin tse/here; red tulle/paul wetherell via lolita; nail polish/via nubry; bun/fashion fever; sparkle lips/kelly bowden/a delicate mind

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