Out+About Outta Town -- A Sweet Cafe in La Jolla

On a recent weekender with the family down to La Jolla, I stumbled onto a darling little cafe, the Brick & Bell.

It was too early for lunch, not to mention it felt a little like cheating on beloved locals' spot Pannikin, but this was way too cute to pass up and I couldn't resist darting inside to grab coffees, Oranginas, and a bag of bakery to take down to the beach. 

It was nearly impossible to choose from the lustful selection of scones but I managed to land on a perfect assortment of minis -- maple-walnut, multi-grain with berries, chocolate chip, and almond-orange.

Then it was down to The Cove, with its stunning, European-like coastline.  

The scones were sublime, especially the almond-orange and maple-walnut -- the standouts.

Okay... a little note about eating food near the beaches of La Jolla -- beware of the seagulls! They are vultures when it comes to food and they have zero table manners. If you're sitting on a wall or sidewalk overlooking the beach, there's a good chance one will swoop down (violently!) and help himself to whatever you've got, right out of your hand. And then all of his friends will follow to see what the next course is going to be. It happened to me years ago -- a burrito casualty down at Windansea, wrapper still dangling, gone before the first bite. And it happened again here -- this time to one of my unsuspecting offspring and a chocolate chip mini that didn't stand a chance. 

So take in the gorgeous surroundings... but keep a bird's-eye view on your food!

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