Let The Spirit Move You -- Perfume Oils

There was a time when I wore perfume -- traditional perfume. Lauren in my teens (remember those days?)... Opium (the infamous man-slayer) in college... Paris by YSL and Jessica McClintock and Coco by Chanel in early adulthood. But since that time, I've worn only one thing…

…. perfume oils by Spiritbody

Originally a storefront called Homebody on Melrose in LA, it was later re-named and introduced as an online-only shop that, thankfully, has remained in motion ever since. It-is-my-favorite and I'm utterly devoted to it.

I use the roll-on perfumes (mine above), the easiest way to apply their signature body oils which are nice and pure and devoid of any kind of chemical delivery system or overpowering scents. And they last forever. My longstanding fragrance choices -- Rain and Water Lily. The oils are also delicious blended into the lotions. Basically, the whole deal is divine.

If you're unsure of what scent you might be happiest with, you can get a little sample pack to try out different possibilities in advance.

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