At Home -- Lighting Up The Fireplace

I love the little details that make a home, and I'd like to share a favorite in mine -- lights in the fireplace. 

Whenever I don't have a fire going, I keep a delicate copper strand of LED lights lit up in there instead. Especially at night, it's twinkly and beautiful -- warmth and ambiance year round, without the firewood. Would be a lovely permanent solution to a non-working fireplace, too.

While we're over here... a glance at the rest of the hearth. It's little and sweet, with old exposed brick and true simplicity. The mantel is minimally adorned -- just a few items that I love to have in my view each day.

The objects ~

 trio of little vases from upstairs pierre lafond +
a favorite vintage mirror
perfectly red vintage ashtray/bowl +
a framed photo of a lovely gate spotted on honeymoon in amalfi

And two handmade treasures, placed side by side in vintage silver coasters ~ 

delicious clay piece by my son from preschool
exquisite porcelain rose by sculptor and dear friend, maria moyer

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