The Beloved Kitchen Part II -- Cafe-ing Things Up

After paying homage to the beloved kitchen and reveling in the space itself hereit's now about the accoutrements that give it life.

I love when a kitchen is bustling, like in a real cafe, so I'm always trying to get a little of that behind-the-scenes look and feel at home. Exposed shelving and other ways of showing off the wares is a delicious start. And I want to see it all, so this is the one area where I happily embrace a bit of clutter (albeit selectively chosen). Stacks of dishes... clusters of pretty silverware... coffee makers + blenders... stainless steel + cast iron pans... cooking utensils... assortments of tea towels... and my personal favorite cafe element -- cake stands.  

a classic in my cake stand mix
raji radhakrishan
brook farm general store
collin streater via remodelista
laurier restaurant via the style files
from beloved kitchen part I, 'cause is swoony for both : j. morgan puett

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