The Beloved Kitchen

It always makes perfect sense to me that people hang out in the kitchen during gatherings. Why wouldn't they? Kitchens-are-dreamy.

The whole comfort aspect is reason enough to invade, but also the elegance... the mystique... the heritage. People have been preparing and sharing food since the beginning of time, and kitchens, however old or new, big or small, just seem to resonate that.

Beyond the delectables that are born in this room, there are so many other aspects of it to fall in love with. Beautiful elements like a lovely countertop... a graceful sink... a hearty stove. And then there are all of the little touches that can make it feel like you're in your own cafe (stay tuned for another post). I, myself, implement lots of cake stands to that effect.

While I haven't done any official research on the subject, I'm pretty sure the kitchen might also be the first and most frequently renovated of any room in a home. People care about their kitchens. They want them chic and glorious. That it adds so much to a house's resale value is testament to the fact that they matter so much to us.

Above all else, the kitchen is simply a space with (hopefully) a whole lot of soul...

all the right wood accents : darryl carter
purely pretty : rundell associates via remodelista
wood + metal, warm rug, keeping it real : via apartment therapy
wood wall + stylish seats make a little space sing : jenn's via thekitchn
simple, two-toned galley : via the paris apartment
accent wall adds richness : hotze via remodelista
oh, if you can get it : cote sud magazine
compact sweetness : erin feher kitchen via apartment therapy
why ever dine out? : artist j. morgan puett/ny times
gorgeous industrial : amy neunsinger's home/house beautiful
 barn door beauty : fathom creative via apartment therapy
expansive charm : via kikette interiors
contemporary shine : space international
butcher block allure : terafima
clean design yet warm : space international
sophisticated use of small space in london
 mlinaric, henry & zervudachi design via remodelista
grand in its simplicity : uk home via light locations/the style files
ethereal in prato, italy : sabrina bagnami via designtripper
loveliness : polly eltes
open fireplace + dark floors + great chairs
 domino via desire to inspire
humble + inviting : victor penha via desire to inspire
minimalism at its best : via blog da ro

top photo: paola navone's greek island kitchen via apartment therapy
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Sharon Beesley said...

hey--really like the name of your blog. made me curious to find out more! keep up the good work :)

The-Pastry said...

thanks so much, sharon! and do you know it was your name 'nyc taught me' that made me check you out, too, years ago!