Backyard Movie Nights

Last weekend, my family was invited to a birthday party that included an outdoor movie. It was a kid bash, with a kid movie screening (whole thing was a blast), and it reminded me that I'd been hanging on to my own backyard movie inspiration, just waiting for summer to share.

But if anything was made clear to me that night, it's that it's pretty much always summer in Southern California. So, if you're in these parts, nothing should get in the way of grabbing some blankets and setting up a great movie night, either for the whole family or just the grownups. For those in the regular world with things like cold and snow, you can start daydreaming now about your upcoming summer film fest.

What you'll need:  A large screen (anything from securing a big white sheet to hiring a projection rental company in your area)... comfy cushions... throw blankets... popcorn + classic movie candy... a few outdoor heaters if needed... and a favorite flick du jour.

If you're in a cold climate and summer still seems too far off... bring things indoors but keep an outdoor feel.

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