Musing -- How Old Is Too Old To Shop At Urban Outfitters?

I was chatting with a group of women on the topic of local shopping, and at some point during the conversation one of my friends said that anytime she goes into an Urban Outfitters she worries someone's going to card her -- for being too old to shop there.

I thought that was hilarious. So I decided to take a quick stock of my feelings on the subject for us non-twenty somethings, and this is what I came up with -- of course we're too old! BUT, I go on occasion anyway. Not to all the departments (at this point, I'm not in the market for "Awesome Gifts" like the Beer Pong Ice Rack). But Urban Outfitters happens to have one of the best leg wear selections I've seen. Lovely knee socks in sophisticated colors and textures, or with lacy trims, that I've been wearing for years. And after trying out many brands of black leggings from elsewhere, I landed on a great fit and stretch on that front there as well, along with some fun tights.

Similarly, I still dart into American Apparel for their leotardsrompers and pullovers.

Verdict -- it's okay. I've had a couple of friends admit to shopping occasionally at Forever 21, too. And they're more like Forever 40.

(A note -- I realize that Urban Outfitters (Anthropologie, Free People) and American Apparel have had their political issues, but I'm solely speaking on behalf of their body wear. Their mind-wear may be a different story.)

photo: two of my fave pairs from urban outfitters

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