Dressing Room -- Wearing Pearls

I have always loved pearls. Much more so than diamonds. Not in a Sheltland wool, monogrammed sweater kind of way (allergic to wool), but eclectically. 

I've collected different strands over the years and still adore each one of them. When my babies were in grab mode, I had stopped wearing them (too tempting), but with my youngest about to turn six it has finally dawned on me to put them back into play. The top photo is from where I left off -- frequently wearing them all together. No better place to begin again...

To be clear, I have absolutely zero idea what the difference is between cultured, freshwater, natural, and saltwater pearls. (I've looked into it numerous times but it's not information I seem able to retain.) All I know is that I've got some that are sweetly small, some that are traditional looking (that I got here), and some that are gloriously misshapen.

this one was a gift from a dear friend and jewelry designer, julia mayer
the most delicate pearls you've ever seen (she knows my tastes well)

To commemorate my return to pearl wearing, I recently added a new pretty to the mix -- a lovely 40s era long strand that's been hand knotted between each pearl. I found it at a little, out of the way vintage shop, so it's very in keeping with my aptitude for securing beauty affordably.

I love wearing pearls (in the form of earrings and rings, too) with super feminine tops and dresses. But nothing beats offsetting them with something good and casual, like a ripped pair of Levi's.

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