Memory Lane -- A Necklace

After digging my pearls back out, I felt inspired to liberate another piece of jewelry with a story. It was never far from my sight -- I kept it on the top of my dresser where I could always see it -- but I'm happy to have it adorning me again.

This is a most treasured piece that I wore daily for years, a necklace I designed as a way to heart the two baby beings who forever own mine. It also happens to mark where I left off as a designer for my line, butter. This was to be the next item... but alas, mamahood tugged harder than the persistent boutiques and buyers (pre the whole initials craze) could.

I am gaga for rose gold, so that's what I used for mine -- a diamond cut beaded chain, and delicate, flat hearts, each engraved with the first and middle initials of my darlings. Started with one heart -- eventually joined by the second. Sigh...

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