Found -- Shear Beauty

I adore these scissors. 

They're handmade in India by a family/company called Parveen, and have such an elegant design, with sharp, hand-forged steel blades and a cast brass handle. The pair I have is dainty and pretty, resembling a perfect, vintage object. This scissor also comes beautifully large and clunky, sized as a fabric shear. 

I got mine locally some time ago (along with a few extras to bestow as gifts), and always regretted not having bought them in both sizes while the store here carried them. The last time I was in NYC, I was elated to spot them at Fishs Eddy, but because I do carry-on baggage, I wasn't able to fly them back home with me. I continue to keep my eye out for the pair that got away...  

(You can order the slim set like mine above here. And looks like I may be getting my chance at the large ones here.)

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