Dressing Room -- Crossover Dressing

For as long as I can remember, I have been wearing nightgowns as dresses.

I am painfully and eternally drawn to vintage looking, feminine clothing pieces, and cotton nightgowns are so airy and delicate that I find they make the most lovely sundresses I can think of. 

In the summertime, I throw them on with flip flops or sandals (and some form of slip underneath). For in-between weather, I'll keep the bare legs and pair with a chunky knee sock and boot, or else wear with tights. And, often, I simply stick a dress over a pair of jeans.

My two favorite would-be nightgowns turned dresses are pictured above. One I found meshed in with the robes at Shabby Chic on Montana in Santa Monica (after I paid, I literally threw it on over my gray tee and jeans, and left the store). The other was an Anthropologie find. 

With all due respect to cross dressing, I'm much more into what I like to call Crossover Dressing.

(BTW the piece from Anthro was also my most worn non-maternity maternity item my second time around. So it crossed even further over -- from intended sleepwear... to regular wear... to maternity wear... and back.)

pretty detailing

another piece from a loungewear department that went dressville
(i'm also ever drawn to tiny floral prints)

penelope cruz did little white frocks well in vicky cristina barcelona (quelle surprise!)

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