Thanksgiving... Around The Corner

I'm taking a little peek back at last year to get in the mood...

For the table... a simple spray of votives and sweet flowers down the center. 

Since I live in Southern California where the temp is usually in the seventies on Thanksgiving (!), I don't feel too tied to an autumnal color scheme. Any display of petite flowers, fresh herbs, or pieces of nature from the yard does the trick. 

Formal place settings can be so lovely, but sometimes it's just buffet style, with plates right on the table along with mismatched vintage silver. Simple.

I'm such a devout traditionalist with this holiday that the only thing I ever vary food-wise is the fresh vegetable I'll be serving. Other than that, it's our classic tried-and-true fixings all the way.

recipe for this yam dish with a zesty twist here

And, of course, there are... pies. 

I make a family beloved berry pie year round and it always finds a welcome spot on the Thanksgiving table. But, goodness, if I still lived in NYC, I wouldn't dream of missing this!

When it comes to pumpkin pie, I stay with the most basic model I crave. {Though this year, I'm thinking about attempting a little insane pie crust beauty.}

Meanwhile... warm, happy bellies later, what begins as late afternoon drenches into perfect evening...

Repeat yearly.

more thanksgiving inspiration here and here

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