Found -- Gorgeous Tableware from Suite One Studio

I have fallen in love -- with this elegant line of handmade tableware from Suite One StudioIt-is-stunning.

Each piece of wonder -- plates, platters, cheeseboards -- is exquisitely hand shaped and glazed by artisan, Lindsay Emery, who produces limited runs of various collections then starts anew to keep things continually inspired and fresh. While unique in their own right, the classic feel of the line makes melding the pieces together or simply incorporating a few on the table with whatever else you have -- seamless. And the different color tints are sheer beauty.

I got my feet wet with the white porcelain dessert plates, later adding in pink ones. Now I'm seriously coveting this prettiest platter, and this one, and this gorgeous cheeseboardand this glorious ring dishand and and... Needless to say, would make for beautiful gifting, too.

Available at Suite One Studio, where you can often find some delightful seconds on sale as well

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