In The Kitchen -- "Banana Rice Surprise"

Once upon a time, I had a little leftover rice in my fridge.

I love a good Hawaiian style breakfast -- eggs, rice, soy/teriyaki sauce -- so that's usually what would happen with my dinner rice the next morning. But one day, having woken up with a slightly sweeter tooth, I decided to put a different spin on things. I grabbed the nearest banana... and a simple sweet-yet-savory breakfast option/hot cereal alternative was born. 

It goes like this:

Coat a pan with a little spray cooking oil or butter, throw in the leftover rice, add some cut up banana (I slice part of a banana into discs and then halve the discs), add several cut up pieces of butter, then saute everything over medium heat until warm and melded together. That's it. 

The banana is all the sweet you need, and the saltiness of both the butter and leftover rice lends the savory. I don't add a thing more.

My kiddos were immediate fans of this little number, and the first time I remembered to make it for them they asked me what it was called. Since I never had a name for it, I just said "Banana Rice Surprise." It stuck. And we've been having "Banana Rice Surprise" ever since...

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