Spring Is In The Air... And On The Ground... And On The Walls...

Everywhere I look lately while out and about, I'm seeing (and snapping up) Spring -- and it's giving me a bit of garden madness. 

I'm ready to bring these encounters home and kickstart my yard with more clay pots, more succulents, and more flowers. Mixing up the delivery systems by way of funky wall panels and unexpected vessels is on the menu, too...

spotted my favorite delicate flowers taking a bath at the lark

color pops are always in season

garden simplicity at its best. at botanik

so ridiculously beautiful : framed succulent walls! at the lark

chamomile is always welcome in my backyard

more garden arsenal at botanik

flowers that glow in the light

succulents + chunky pots make for bffs : botanik

filling in the gaps on the ground

definitely on the right path


Unknown said...

Hi there! I really love all your shots of the succulents. They really are beautiful. (:

Cindy from A Princess's Guide to Life, Love, & Looks

The-Pastry said...

thanks so much, cindy! i can't seem to get enough of them lately :)