In The Kitchen -- Spring Break-Fast // Yogurt Bowls

I'm definitely more of a savory breakfast eater than sweet (poached eggs, scrambles, and omelets are my go-tos) but sometimes I get on a roll, especially when spring and summer hit, where nothing sounds better than a cool, refreshing yogurt bowl.

Greek yogurt (either full, two percent, or zero fat) over the regular variety is a must for its uber creaminess and whopping helping of protein. Then I throw in collaborators such as fresh berries, chopped almonds or pecans, cut up dates, and shredded coconut. 

When I want to relive my TV industry days grabbing breakfast meets at (now closed) Duke's on Sunset in LA, I'll straight out imitate their ahead-of-the-trend four ingredient bowl (sour cream + strawberries + bananas + shredded coconut) that I would get every-singe-time because it was sooo good. I just swap in Greek yogurt now in place of that sour cream (yikes).

Granola is welcome to the party, of course, though when I invite granola, I usually choose to dress things up as a yogurt parfait instead, layering the ingredients (yogurt-granola-fruit-repeat) in a tall glass and adding a drizzle of honey over the top. Kiddos sure seem to like the added festivity, too.

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