In The Kitchen -- Just Olive Oil + Salt

I've been keeping things pretty lax in the kitchen lately. The solar vortex in California this year might have a little something to do with it. 

Here are a couple of easy snacks I've been cooking up that use only two added ingredients -- olive oil (extra virgin) and salt (kosher or sea). One dish is reflective of our endless caliente summer… and the other is just pretending to be fall. Both offer a good helping of health-bolstering olive oil, which makes for good all around.

They go like this…


Sautee stovetop in a pan (I like cast iron) at high heat for about ten or so minutes (they should get soft and really charred) using just a touch of olive oil and salt. Devour with a little care as it's said that one out of every ten will be spicy hot. And it's truuuue. 


Separate the seeds from the pumpkin goop, rinse them well, then let them dry out on a baking sheet (even overnight). To roast, just drizzle with olive oil and salt, and stick them in a 300 degree pre-heated oven for about forty minutes or so, depending on how toasty you like them. Then munch.

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