Once Upon-a... Magazine Tear-Outs

Back in the day, before blogs + Pinterest + Tumblr + Instagram, we relied on torn-out pages from magazines for inspiration. Ransacked pieces of pretty, yanked from their bindings to wreak havoc on desks, nightstands, baskets, everywhere. Some of them have never made it past serving as bookmarks in newer magazines.

In an effort to get organized, I did at one point come up with the brilliant idea to start a binder, and I recently stumbled onto it...

It looks like I made it several pages in before forfeiting the task... but what I did find inside still completely inspired me. And as I was going through the images, I was filled with the same rush I must have had when I hijacked each of them in the first place.

I think these little snapshots we gather, in all their many forms, are such reflections of ourselves that they make us feel understood. Amazing how years and years later, certain ones can still fulfill our visions of dreamy perfection… perfectly.

a timeless dress : 3.1 phillip lim
incredible chandelier by droog design
(sweetest foreshadowing of something to come)
a paris apartment : vanessa bruno's/domino
killer style : vogue
better together - elegance + rugged : vogue

Meanwhile, despite the arrival of all the new image modes and the ability to store bazillions of photos on a computer -- apparently, I still haven't given up my old reckless behavior...

the nightstand

I do a slightly better job with my recipe carnage... 

... but not much.

binder cover tear-out/funny face; tear-out of little girl/source unknown.

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jagoda architecture said...

What a fun post. I struggle with this too so its great to see your ways of collecting images.