Found -- A Perfect Glass (That's Not A Glass)

Doesn't the experience of a beverage start with the right glass? Well, I have met something perfecto. Here's the twist -- it's not a glass at all, but a votive candle holder

My friend, Amelia, first introduced me, and I've been smitten with these ever since. I love the proportion especially for wine. And they're sturdy, so ideal for al fresco. I plan to use them all summer long for that little spot of vino, chilled tea, or juice. Salute!

Grab 'em here.

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R's Rue said...

Beautiful! Love that first photo!

The-Pastry said...

thanks much, regine!

Dania @ Always Dania said...

what a great glass! i never would've thought a candle holder would be perfect :)

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tinajo said...

Great find!