Little Things -- Afternoon Tea


For the last many years, I've been drinking coffee. Decaf in my case, but coffee nevertheless. I indulge as frequently as five times a day (as a decaf-er, I'm pretty sure it's more about the ritual and comfort than anything else).

But before this coffee habit took over, I was actually a tea drinker. Tons of tons of green tea mostly, but other varieties as well. When I lived in NYC (back in the day), afternoon tea at The Penninsula Hotel was a coveted event.

Recently, I was treated to tea time at Santa Barbara's newly renovated El Encanto Hotel by a few of my lovely gal pals as a belated birthday. It was heaven. Relaxed... pampered... elegant. Reminded me that the most traditional activities can feel massively fulfilling. And, in this case, something I might just need to make into a new regular habit...

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