Dressing Room -- Repeating Outfits

My six year old daughter wants to wear the same thing everyday. She falls in love with a look, or a particular pair of shorts, or a new top, and wants to stick with it. As a uniform wearer myself, I can relate to her inclination, and I find myself, when asked, entirely unable to explain to her why she -- can't? It has me thinking about this whole taboo and why it ever came to be.

If it were up to me, I'd probably choose to wear the same outfit everyday for a month (with washes, of course) before switching it out. I simply don't need that much variety in my wardrobe on a daily/weekly basis (not to mention, exhausting). I seem to function more seasonally, and when something's working, just like in my daughter's case, I want to stay with it. Since I also have a penchant for holding onto favorite clothing pieces and re-purposing them forever, I'm probably a bit of a perennial repeater as well. (Just ask this top and these boots.)

So why is wearing the same thing two days in row, or two events in a row, frowned upon for us women? (The guys seem to get away with it. And, of course, there's Carolina Herrera's take on things.) Is there a perception that the clothes are unclean? Or that you can't afford to buy new ones? Kids at private schools are often relegated to a sole, unvaried uniform day after day, for years on end. But parents at public schools would most likely shudder at the thought of sending their child to school even once in something they wore the day before. Never mind being caught themselves in a repeat outfit. (Although, I might argue that simply swapping out different pieces of yoga wear each day is its own form of repeating.)

So what's your current uniform, if you have one? For some inexplicable reason, I found myself (bare) armed in a breezy pair of old overalls for an entire week this summer. And I wasn't even doing any harvesting.

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