It's Feeling Like A Ruby Tuesday To Me

The lovely red. What is it about this color that just looks so -- good? Of all the shades, it's probably my favorite go-to for adding that little accent. Works its magic everywhere.

I love it in the kitchen for pieces of cookware + tea towels... for accessories like bags + socks... for decking out nails + lips... and for any bits around the house. And so darling on a kid, either to adorn their wardrobe or adorn them forever -- with the name Ruby.

paul massey via house to home
caravan pacific via design sponge
via hanneli
elle decor
brabourne farm
marie claire maison via desire to inspire
elle decor norway via style files
via pink wallpaper 
roland bello via sb chic
le sanctuaire via remodelista
scandinavian needle craft via katy elliot
via flower

top photo: lessa o'reilly via desire to inspire  

(nice synchronicity -- just heard it's keith richards' birthday today!)


stephanie sanders said...

i LOVE red too! you have such a great eye - loving your blogdom :)

The-Pastry said...

thanks! so nice to hear!

Unknown said...

awesome! love everything you have here!!!!