Dressing Room -- Fashion With No Expiration Date

Lately, I've been living in my favorite pair of ratty jeans (definitely more rat than jean happening at this point) and I've been getting asked where I got my "boyfriend jeans." Here's where -- from my permanent boyfriend, the husband. 

While the two of us were cleaning out the garage one day years ago, I rescued them as they were about to hit the haul-away pile. I'm a Levi's loyalist as it is, and it doesn't get more classic than the tried and true 501. Especially when the rips are earned entirely through human wear as opposed to factory. 

My plan is to continue to always have a good pair of these in rotation and still be donning them even when I'm ninety. Along with a perfect fifties-style sweater and other favorite ageless pieces such as a lacy vintage top, a great pair of old boots, and timeless accessories like these and these.

Luckily, my hubby has agreed to continue to do the wearing-in of jeans for me into old age... unless he wears out first, he says.

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