Thanksgiving... Give Me What I Know And Love

As I've said before, I am an utter traditionalist when it comes to Thanksgiving. Don't fix it if it ain't broke -- a gem of a saying and I think probably one of the most overlooked keys to happiness in life.

Especially in our fast and furious world, where everyone and technology seems to be looking for the next better way to do things. But updates aren't always an improvement. Sometimes, they're just confusing, and glitchy, and unsatisfying. 

So, no exciting new side dishes or exotic stuffings for me. I can be adventurous in the kitchen on the other three hundred sixty-four days of the year. On this day, give me what I know and love, how I know it and love it. Basic, unfussy Thanksgiving fare, with the flavors we grew up on. The one place where I'm game to change things up? The pie crust!

last year's foray into crust adventures -- a dotted edge

my twist on thanksgiving yams is as exotic as i get.
recipe here 

Persimmon Pomegranate salad. Okay, so I broke my no new side dish policy when I added this in last year. But only because it fell into a previously unfilled category -- salad. I'd never had one in the mix, and this was just too spectacular. Says Fall like nothing else. It was love at first sight and bite at this soiree

recipe here

The rest of the menu is classic fixings all the way. Ours goes like this... 

* Turkey stuffed with fresh rosemary and thyme, lathered in olive oil, butter, and dried herbs, sprinkled with a little chicken stock, and roasted uncovered at high heat. 

* Yukon gold mashed potatoes made extra rich with cream cheese and sour cream. 

* Stuffing prepared with sauteed green apples, celery, and walnuts, the way I know it. 

* A simple veggie side of either crisp haricort verts with butter, salt, and fresh squeezed lemon, or else Brussels sprouts with olive oil, salt, and Parmesan. 

* My Citrus Yams (already at the party above). 

* Gravy usually made easier and lighter with corn starch in lieu of flour. 

* Soft dinner rolls from the bakery ('til I attempt my own bread making). 

* Two perfect pies that I bake the night before -- traditional pumpkin and our family fave, mixed berry. 

Glorious simplicity... every year. {One day, I'll put all of the measurements in order and share full recipes!} 

Leftover ingredients, such as persimmons and rosemary, can also make for sweet, last minute additions to the table

candles do the rest

A few more Thanksgiving thoughts here and here.

Wishing all a happy day, soaking up all the goodness that's on your table and sitting around it! xx

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