Dressing Room -- Classic Tee + Jeans

I've spent most of my adult life wearing dresses and any version of this I can pull off.
That, and what might be construed as schmatas I like to throw on in various forms all over the place. But, for whatever reason, I've been donning more fitted pants lately. I'm sure I'll be back to the flowy comfy of my regular wear soon enough, it's just too engrained in me. In the meantime, I can be found sporting little tops (un-waivering preference still sleeveless or near sleeveless) and slimmer fit jeans than my usual fave worn-in 501s

Nothing too novel going on here -- just some timeless simplicity, and a little borrowing of classic Frenchie influence via stripes... 

been loving these 504s.
and also a pair of these jeans that i grabbed on sale here

Getting out of flip flops when you live near the beach can take effort, but I managed to get myself into this pair of shoes with the perfect open toe, that I picked up here.

Happy Spring!

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