End of the Year... Let's Review, Shall We?

Since The-Pastry was hatched at the very end of last year, all of the posts feel part of year one and 2013. So here goes, a glance back at some fave posts so far about everything and nothing...

That something post about NOTHING

My obsession with ballet inspired street wear. 

Kitchen's got soul.

How nature goes entirely against my nature.

This moody memo.

We were onto this coolio kid craft. And here are other fave finds.

Taking matters into my own hands to control at least one area of chaos.

My seeming inability to get over NYC, and the only two days I spent there (while sick, no less) in years. (New Year's Resolution -- see you more often, NYC!) 

Film adoration.

Design simplicities like the beauty of chandeliers and the color red.

A piece of my memory lane.

The glory of cheese plates, and two of my way-favorite recipes -- this one and this one. Oh, and this adorable one for the kiddos.

A few images that caught my eye.

My habit of turning things aroundtaking things offand 'crossover' dressingAlso this fave style, and being too old to shop at certain stores.

Out+About visits to fun places like this farm stand in Carmel Valley, this eatery in LA, a cute cafe in La Jolla, and some casual twirling around Santa Barbara.

Little things like afternoon tea and favorite jewelry.

The belonging that inspired a post and, in turn, the birth of The-Pastry.

And, finally, why I think New Year's Eve rules as a holiday

Wishing everyone a gloriously Happy New Year! Here's to all good things grand and small in 2014. xo

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